Friday, January 13, 2012

Significance of Boxing Training for Youth

Boxing is a tough and demanding sport. Many of the top boxers in competition start out when they are youngsters. Boxing can help a youngster with his quickness, speed, strength, athletic ability and punching power. Training for boxing can also help a youngster become more confident and capable in all activities.
Getting involved in sports and athletics is a good idea for most youngsters. It is a productive way to spend their time and there are many benefits, not the least of which is that they will have fun while participating. Not all children are cut out for team sports. Some like an individual sport, and in boxing, the youngster learns how to depend on himself, how to keep going when the circumstances are not necessarily in his favor and how to develop speed, quickness and punching power.
Anyone who becomes involved in boxing must work to get himself in good condition. When two fighters get in the ring--even at the youth level--fighters are throwing punches at each other and trying to hit each other. In order to give yourself the best chance of competing, work hard on the speed bag, the heavy bag and doing road work to get in shape.
Time Frame
Young people who go into boxing have to train before they go into the ring, much like any other athlete has to practice before he can play a game. Young boxers should expect to work out anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes five days per week doing activities like distance running--known as road work among boxers--hitting the speed bag, hitting the heavy bag and sparring, according to former British heavyweight fighter Frank Bruno.
Boxing can help a young person feel more self-confident in all of his endeavors. It takes tremendous courage to get in the ring and face an opponent who is trying to hit you with punches. In order to do that, a youngster has to train diligently. When a youngster does all the work necessary to get in the ring and then faces an opponent for the first time, he will become a much more confident boxer.
While getting involved in boxing can be a positive exercise in growth and development, it can also be a dangerous one. Young boxers have to practice under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer who will make sure they don't try to advance too quickly and who will not match them with opponents who have superior skills.

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