Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purpose of Square Cut Grip Tape on Scooters & Scateboards

Grip tape is a tool for helping keep your feet stabilized while walking on potentially slippery surfaces or while using objects such as skateboards and scooters. This type of tape is adhesive on one side and tough, gritty and hard -- like sandpaper -- on the other. Grip tape is available in numerous sizes and styles to suit your needs, but using squares of this adhesive can make application simpler.
Skateboarders and scooter riders need to keep fresh grip tape on the top of their boards to prevent slipping -- which often leads to serious injury. A variety of colors and images are available to help you create an individualized look. However, using a square-cut grip tape will give you more options for customizing your ride. Use up to three different styles of tape and apply them as you wish on the top of your board.
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Approximately half of all falls occur on stairs or steps, according to the University of Wisconsin. Grip tape can help prevent many of these falls. The overall dimensions of grip tape for stairs and steps depend on the size of the steps. The grip texture should cover as much of the top of the step as possible to prevent slipping. However, some steps are narrow or angled, making it difficult to apply long pieces of grip tape. Squares of grip tape are less difficult to apply because you can cover smaller areas at a time. Once a long piece of grip tape sticks to the surface, it is difficult to peel off if it is crooked. Place each square piece side by side to create a seamless look.
If the grip tape comes in a rectangular shape, carefully cut the tape to make squares with a strong pair of scissors or a utility knife. Carefully peel the backing off the tape and center it over the surface you want to cover. Let the center of the adhesive side sag until it touches the surface. Tightly stretching the square, place the rest of the tape on the surface and smooth out any wrinkles. If more than one square is necessary, place the next square directly beside it and repeat the process.
Grip tape is a gritty material that can cause injury to your skin during application. Wear gloves while applying grip tape to any surface. Alternately, you might choose to have a professional install grip on stairs, steps and other slippery surfaces. For skateboards and scooters, allow a professional at a skate shop to apply your grip tape to assure proper application and prevent cuts and irritation to your hands.

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