Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boxing Exercises for Beginner Level

Boxing is a sport that requires significant self-discipline and work in the gym before you get in the ring in a bout with an opponent. You can do a number of key exercises yto prepare for a boxing match that will help you build your skill and get in the proper condition for a fight.
Speed Bag
The speed bag is a small, teardrop shaped bag that hangs from a swivel hook at head level. It has been used by boxers for generations to develop hand-eye coordination, speed, quickness, punching accuracy and endurance. Use your left jab as your primary punch -- for a right-handed boxer -- when hitting the speed bag. Hit the bag and it will bound off the back rim, rebound to the front rim and then go off the back rim again. This is called the 1-2-3 method of hitting the speed bag. After you become comfortable hitting the bag with your jab, add in your right cross. Circle the bag to your left so you learn how to hit the bag while on the move.
Heavy Bag
Hitting the heavy bag is one of the most essential exercises when it comes to power punching and building cardiovascular fitness. Boxers quickly learn that power punches are not just thrown with their shoulders, forearms and fists. They start off in the legs, continue through the core muscles and then the upper body comes into play. Throwing punches with all the force in your body will help you learn how to throw explosive punches. Hit the heavy bag for three minutes at a time, which is the same amount you will be in the ring with your opponent. This will build stamina.
Road Work
To build the stamina to last in a long fight, boxers must do road work. This has long been the term used to describe a boxer's running for conditioning purposes. Boxers run 3 to 5 miles three times per week. This is done early in the morning before the boxer heads to the gym. This will burn fat and help a fighter endure a long fight without getting fatigued in the ring.
Sparring is the essential exercise for a boxer who has been training. When you spar against an opponent, your senses are heightened because you know you are in the ring with an opponent who is throwing punches at your head body. Of course, you are doing the same to him. You will wear larger gloves to protect your hands when sparring and head gear will help prevent serious injury. However, you are still at risk. Put your boxing skills to the test will let you know where you stand and what areas you will need to work on to improve at your sport.

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